Basement Lighting Options

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Walking down into your basement doesn’t have to feel haunting, there are a range of basement lighting options that will make the room feel a lot more inviting. If you are using you’re basement as a home office during lockdown then there is certainly a big incentive to brighten up the  place. Even if you are using it as a games room or a spare bed room the right lighting can make a huge difference.

Basement lighting often leaves a lot to be desired, a single uncovered bulb leaves the room feeling dark and dingy. The first port of call is some ambient lighting, which often comes in the form of a central ceiling light providing a soft warm glow.

Then you need to consider what the primary purpose of the room is. If you are creating a home office we recommend some bright focused lighting. As this makes it easier to read, write and work on projects without straining your eyes.  If you plan on spending plenty of time in your basement working it will help to keep you awake and stimulated.

If you have other uses mind for your basement then accent lighting or uplighting can be a great way to showcase various areas of artworks, trophies or book cases. We would however note that accent lighting isn’t that suitable with young children playing boisterous games!

Light Fitting & Fixtures

Recessed lighting – the majority of basements have low ceilings, if your basement has a suspended ceiling its easy to install recessed lighting which provides plenty of downlight.

Pendant Lights – hang from the ceiling as you would expect, so if you have the ceiling height pendant lights can create great focal points in your room.

Uplighting – this is usually provided by stating lights that plug into a wall socket but they provide a great ambiance and are easily dimmable or changeable.

Basement Lighting Options

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