Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom Extractor Fans – What To Consider

This month we are considering bathroom extractor fans and what you should take into account when selecting one for your bathroom. Bathroom fans are necessary to prevent moisture building up in your bathroom which causes mould to grow and over time damages your fitting and fixtures. Extractor fans are linked to your mains electricity so they should always be installed by a registered electrician to ensure that they are safe to use.

Bathroom Fan Size

The most important decision when picking your bathroom fan is taking into account the size (in m2) of your bathroom. Here is a great tool for working out the size of your bathroom and the type of fan that you will need. The size of fan that you need is dependant on the size of your bathroom in m3, where the fan is located and how often the shower or bath will be used.

Fan Installation

The location of where the fan is installed is important. Fans can be installed in the ceiling or on the wall. Its is important to always install the ducting from your bathroom fan outside of the house. There is no point pumping the air into another room because this will just cause moisture to  build up in the other room.

Bathroom Fan Tech

As you would expect there are plenty of options for added technology in your bathroom extractor fan. Integrated lights, night lights, humidity and motion sensors, adjustable timings.

There are plenty of options for improving the performance and the energy efficiency of your bathroom fan.

Noise Rating & Efficency

The constant humming of a bathroom fan can be an annoyance. Look out for the sone rating (sone rating indicate the sound level produced by the fan). 1 Sone equates to the sound created by an average fridge so if you pick a bathroom extractor fan with a sone rating below 1 or 2 then it should be relatively quiet.

In terms of energy efficiency anything with an Energy Star is a good choice. Take a look at this independently reviewed bathroom fans.

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