Benefits of LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting: Over the past 10 years we have seen a quiet revolution in the use of LED lighting in homes and businesses. LED bulbs offer a range of benefits when compared to CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) or traditional incandescent bulbs. The blocks below illustrate the differences between types of light bulb.


30% energy saving

2 year life span

Instant crisp white light

Energy Saver (CFL)

80% energy saving

10 year life span

Soft diffused light


90% energy saving

25 year life span

Instant crisp white light

8 Benefits of LED Lighting

The main drawback to LED’s has traditionally been their increased cost when compared to their competitors. However as LED lights are broadening their appeal and being produced in larger numbers the cost for the consumer has reduced significantly.

Historically a criticism of LED lights is that the light they emit is too white, feels unnatural and “cold” but LED manufacturers have been working on the light emitted and have made it far more similar to traditional light bulbs.

Cold temperature operation: LED ‘s operate at a much lower temperature than other light bulbs making them ideal for fridges and freezers and this means they waste less energy through lost heat.

LED’s break less easily: Because LED’s don’t use fragile glass (plastic instead) they are far less prone to breaking.

Rapid cycling: Regularly switching lights on and off (cycling) reduces the life span of most light bulbs but an LED’s are unaffected by rapid cycling.

Controllability:  It costs a lot of money to make a traditional lighting system dimmable in addition to this most lights will only go down to 30% capacity but as LED’s are semiconductor devices they are far more controllable.

Environmental impact: LED’s don’t use mercury which is poisonous and pollute the environment. There is also ongoing reduction in the amount of lead used in there production.

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You should also be aware that various business are eligible for government grants for LED lighting installation – click here to find out more.

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