Christmas Electrical Tips

The festive season is almost upon us that means mince pies, Slade songs and christmas lights. As you would expect being an electricians blog its the christmas lights that concern me so i have noted a few things to keep track of over christmas. To prevent fires and other electrical problems.

Christmas Lights

The general problem with christmas lights is that they only get used once a year. Consequently its important when you get your christmas lights out of the box to inspect them closely. If you christmas lights are getting old and are generally stored in thought conditions such as the garage its well worth thinking about purchasing new ones.

The problem that occurs is that the old and damaged lights get very hot. The lights are wrapped around a tree in the home and often left on all night – its is fairly regular occourance for your lights to set fire to your christmas tree burning the tree, the presents and often parts of your home.

So it is well worth checking them thoroughly:

  • Read the instructions and keep them for future use
  • Check the lights for any noticeable damage
  • Replace any failed lamps

Going Away For A Few Days?

If you are planning on being out of the house for a few days its always worth while checking everything is unplugged or switched off at the wall – this reduces the chance of your electrical items causing problems while you’re away. Be especially aware of laptops or tablets left to charge on beds as they can heat up and present a fire risk.

You should also only buy branded chargers designed for your device, cheap alternatives have been found to degrade quickly and again present a fire risk.

Celebrate & Have Fun

The most important thing is to take care over christmas – have a great time and celebrate with friends & family. If you need an electrician  in Hertfordshire over the christmas period give us a call.