Commercial Energy Audit

Commercial energy consumption can be a large proportion of your businesses energy use. We regularly work with clients where their energy use amounts to 30% of their commercial expenses. Which is why its so important to get a commercial energy consumption report. Acting upon the advice in the report can reduce your energy consumption which in-turn reduces your costs and its good for the environment.

Commercial Energy Audit – The Process

A commercial energy audit will highlight how efficiently your building and the machinery in it uses electricity.  An audit is the initial setup to reducing your energy consumption and subsequently your energy bills.

The process is fairly simple and should not interrupt the day to day operation of your business. The audit involves looking at your energy consumption data, utility bills, onsite equipment, staff behaviour and the buildings condition.

Using this information the auditor can analyse what processes are using the most energy and what physical changes can be put in place to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Consumption Report

You should then be provided with an energy consumption report which will detail all of the areas that have been considered and it will provide a list of suggestions for reducing your energy consumption. The most important part of the process is to take the suggestions and act on them. Simply having the report done won’t solve anything.

You stand to gain the most from reducing your energy expenses which over time compound to save a considerable amount of money, you will also help the environment by using less electricity which may go some way to meeting any sustainability targets your business has.