Domestic Rewiring

As a home owner you will probably never think about the wiring in your home until a problem occurs which brings it to light (forgive the pun). The wiring in your home can also be an important consideration if you are planning and extension or conducting home improvement. Plenty of people take the infrastructure of their home wiring for granted but faulty wiring can cause expensive problems if its not fixed correctly.

As the amount of electrics in a home increases over time often new circuits are added as and when needed. The problem this creates is that over time there is no “grand plan” about how a buildings wiring should change so what you end up with is regular bolt on circuits. As the number of these circuits grows this can create dangerous problems.

Domestic Rewiring Costs

The cost of a domestic rewire depends largely on the size of the home and the complexity of the job. For example if you have a lot of downlight this is going to increase the cost substantially.

As an example a 3 bedroom (roughly 3,000 square foot home) will cost between £3,000 to £5,000 to do a complete rewire including the kitchen and bathroom.

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Domestic Rewiring Time Frames

Agin this question revolves around the size of the home and the complexity of the wiring but a rule of thumb is it will take roughly 2 week to rewire and average UK home.

Warning Signs That You Need A Rewire

if your fuse box (consumer unit) has a wooden back, cast iron switches or no labelling this suggests that it is very old and the wiring in the house is also likely to be old so i would recommend having an electrician look at it and consider having a rewire.

Old plug sockets (the rounded entry type). Again this is a sign that the electrics in the building are very old.

If your fuses trip regularly and seemingly for no reason this is a sign that there is something wrong.

Flickering or dimming light bulbs that need changing regularly.

if you have any of these signs in your home its worth getting a qualified electrician to look at your wiring to check that its safe and let you know if anything should be changed or replaced.

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