Electrical Safety Roundtable – Advice For Landlords

Landlords and home owners are being urged to make sure of free industry guidance from the Electrical Safety Roundtable.   This comes in the wake of a landlord from Luton bringing charged £70,000 + expenses for multiple breeches of safety regulations. Exposed wiring, tampering with the electricity meter and no fire detection systems were some of the major failings.

The Electrical Safety Roundtable said “It is shocking to see the total disregard for safety that this landlord has shown towards his tenants. We are pleased that the magistrates have sent a clear message to landlords that they simply cannot leave their properties in such an unsafe state”

In order to help landlords understand their responsibilities under the law the ESR has produced a number of reports. Click on the buttons below to download theses reports and find out about your responsibilities as a landlord.

More About The Electrical Safety Roundtable

The Electrical Safety Roundtable was established by a meeting of the all party Parliamentary home Safety and Carbon Monoxide groups in 2014. The ESR the group promotes organisation with an interest income safety to work together and come to a consensus on home safety.

The home safety certificate and guidance has come from this consensus and is provided free of charge to landlords to encourage the best possible safety standards.

What Is A Home Safety Certificate?

A home safety report is a list of the key safety checks that landlords should undertake to prove that their property is safe to live in. It includes:

  1. EICR (electrical installation condition report) has been conducted in the last 5 years and any problems highlighted have been fixed.
  2. A visual electrical inspection has been done every year.
  3. PAT testing has been performed on all of the appliances every year.
  4. A gas safety certificate has been completed within the last year.
  5. A working carbon monoxide alarm is present.
  6. A working smoke alarm is present.

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