Electrotechnical Certification Scheme

The electrotechnical certification scheme is a a system of identification for electricians. It lists the holders identity, qualification level and occupation. Its practically impossible to get on a building site to work as an electrician without having a ECS card. The scheme has proved to be successful in reducing injuries and deaths on build sites as it requires the carrier to be health and safety trained. This has resulted in accident and death rates declining over recent years – so we all benefit.


ECS Card & CSCS Card

Every one working on site much have a CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) this ensures they have the qualifications to carry out the job. Electricians have a specialist form of CSCS card – the ECS card. You can check any one working on your site has the appropriate qualifications using the online cardfinder on CSCS website.

ECS Card Information

The ECS is recognised and affiliated with the CSCS card scheme, it is a specialist licensing and registration scheme specifically for electricians. In England and Wales its known as the ECS Card in Scotland they are known as SJIB’s (Scotch Joint Industry Board). They are essentially the same card but you will need the appropriate card to work in each country.

The are 2 types of ECS card the Gold card (for a qualified installation electrician) and a white car with a red stripe (for a trainee or apprentice electrician)

Health & Safety Requirements of a ECS Card

In order to get an ECS card all participants must hold an up to date health and safety qualification. This is designed to promote health and safety in the work place and reduce accidents. the ECS card has a specialist health and safety assessment for all card holders, it is specifically designed for electrotechnical personal.

Successfully passing the health and safety assessment means the applicant will be awarded the ECS Health & Safety Certificate – which can then be used to obtain the ECS card within 2 years of passing the assessment.

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How Do I Book An ECS Assessment?

ECS Health & Safety assessments cost £40 + VAT and you can book one here. The initial ECS card cost £180 + VAT more details are available here.