Does My Home Need A Rewire

Does My Home Need A Rewire: Whether you have recently moved into a new home or you have been living in the same for more years than you would care to mention. You may have experiences with you electrical system that causes you to ask the questions does my home need a rewire?

It’s always best to get a local electrician to take a look and give you an estimate before you make any decisions. Most electricians will do an inspection and tell you what they think for free. But what are the signs that your home electrical system is due for a rewire:

  1. Your lights often flicker or dim even after you replace the bulbs.
  2. Your consumer unit (fusebox) is over 10 years old or it doesn’t have a RCD (residual current device) which is a safety mechanism that monitors electrical flow through the circuits.
  3. Your consumer unit has an asbestos flash guard, this shows it is over 20 years old.
  4. The socket outlets are placed in the skirting boards rather than the wall (again this indicates a very old wiring system).
  5. Some of your sockets may have stopped working all together.
  6. If your fuzes trip regularly this may be a sign of an ageing electrical system.

What Are The Potential Problems

In the worst of circumstances old RCD units (fuseboxes) can cause fires because they have no safety switches to stop current flowing through circuits. According to the charity Electrical Safety First there are over 20,000 fires caused by electricity in homes each year.

So be alert if you smell smoke!

Can I DIY It?

Rerwiring a home is a big and often complicated task that should not be undertaken by amateurs. You should always employ a registered electrician like Static Electrical Services to do the job for you. We have over 15 years experience in domestic and commercial rewires, we are NICEIC registered and fully insured and we will provide a full Electrical Installation Condition Report for your peace of mind.

Does My Home Need A Rewire

Furthermore if you were to do it yourself when you come to sell you house you will not have the relevant paperwork which will disrupt the sale process and you may have to pay a registered electrician to do the work again. DIY’ing you electrical system will also affect your home insurance cover.

What Does A Homes Rewire Cost?

The average cost for a 3 bedroom semi detached property is £3,500. The process should take roughly 8 /9 days. These figure vary depending on the size and the complexity of your home electrical system.

We offer free quotes on all the work that we undertake with no obligation. So if you would like to find out the cost for rewiring your home then gives us a call today on 0800 002 9547 or get in touch using our contact page here.

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