Home Security Options

Combined with the rise in smart phones we are expecting a rise in smart home security options. So I thought it would be good to show case some of the best technology for home security.

Figures recently published by the ONS indicate that over 550,000 people and businesses experienced a burglary from June 2016 – June 2016. This sobering statistic underlines the current upswing in the amount of smart security systems being installed in homes and businesses. Recent research predicts a 27% increase in smart security  features by 2021.

Video Cameras

The Nest Cam is offers 24/7 live video and audio recording. It is motion and noise activated and offers video streaming from mobile, tablet or laptops via wifi from anywhere in the world so if your on holiday you can check everything is fine at home.

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Smart Locks

My favourite smart lock available today is the Kwikset Kevo. all you have to do is approach the lock with your smartphone or your key fob, tap the lock and it opens. You can also unlock it using a standard key. You can enable nay one with a smart phone to open the lock so its really useful for visiting family members, cleaners and other people you want to give access to your home.

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Smart Alarms

There are several smart alarms available in the UK they all work wirelessly (which means less expensive internal wiring). You get all the usual alarm systems (motion sensors, door pressure systems etc) the main difference is the way the alarm communicates with your phone. It can alert you when its triggered any where int he world. Combine this with home video and you can instantly see whats going on in your home or business.

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If you are thinking about having some smart Home Security Options installed in your home or business give us a call on 07963 560 776 or get in touch using our contact from here. Were always happy to help.