Notifiable Sections of Part P

Notifiable Sections of Part P

What is Part P? Part P forms part of building regulations, the principal of building regulations are to ensure that standards and practices are consistent in respect to structures, fire safety, sound insulation, drainage, ventilation & electrical safety.

Below is a full list of the notifiable sections of Part P this list is provided by ELECSA. In general  Part P notification includes any electrical work undertaken in a domestic dwelling and its surroundings, due to changes in April 2013 less work is required to be notified but in general new circuits, replacement consumer units and work in special location must all be notified. This includes:

  • Circuit alterations or additions in special locations
  • Installation of one or more new circuits
  • Installation of a new or replacement of a consumer unit (fuse board)
  • Rewiring of all circuits
  • Partial rewiring of circuits
  • Full electrical installation (new builds)
  • Installation of a new circuit for ELV lighting within a home
  • Installation of a new circuit for electrical heating units

The following alterations are notifiable in Wales only:

  • Circuit alteration or addition of new circuits in a kitchen
  • Installation of lighting or power outlets outdoors
  • Installation of control wiring including fire, security, heating, cooling & ventilation
  • Upgrades or alterations to mean of earthing

How To Notify Part P Changes

In order to notify building control of changes to an electrical installation that come under Part P notifiable works you must be a registered under the Part P self certification scheme. Alternatively you can inform building control of your intentions to carry out changes and then pay them to get the work certified and registered.

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