Organise Your Fuse Box

Organising your fuse box can save you a great deal of time and energy in an emergency or if you are conducting planned work to your electrical system. Labelling each individual circuit helps you to shut the power off in individual circuits, which means you can stop power to certain rooms, appliances or lights when you want to.  You will need help to label your fuse board so grab some sticky labels, a pen and a friend!

organise your fuse box

How To Organise Your Fuse Box

  1. Start off by turning on all the lights in your home of business premises.
  2. If possible you should also turn on the lamps (connected to your plug sockets) as this will help you identify which fuses run you circuit switches.
  3. Then flip one of the fuses on your fuse box, if the lights turn of in a certain area of your home you should label this fuze as that area.
  4. Continue this process until you have labeled all of the switches that appear to do anything.
  5. The remaining switches are likely to be appliances that consumer a lot of power such as washing machines, you can check which of your big appliances looses power when flicking each switch.
  6. If a switch doesn’t appear to do anything label it as redundant, the next time your electrician needs to add a new fuse he will know which one to use.

Labelling Regulations for Professional Electricians

The 18th Edition wiring regualtions section 514 provide clear instructions on how to correctly label your fuse board to a professional standard. This not only looks professional, it improves electrical safety and saves time for everyone. So there really is not reason no two take the time during lockdown to organise your fuse box.

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