Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Electricity prices increase over time in line with inflation. This can make it feel like your bill is constantly going up and there is nothing you can do about it. We’re here to show you some ways you can reduce your electricity bill and save some money.

We aim to provide a mix of practical steps you can take in your home and some information on tips and choosing the cheapest supplier available for your needs.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Turn Off The Lights!

This is perhaps the easiest and most obvious bit of advice we can offer to people. When you leave a room turn off the lights. This can save you a large amount of electricity over the course of a year. For example a light bulb left on for 5 hours a day running at 60 Watts for  £0.10 per kWh works out to 30p per day which equals £109 per year. Which is quite a sum!

Switch to LED Lighting

As we have covered in other blog posts LED lighting is far more economical that other types of light bulb. LED’s consume around 20% of the electricity of traditional light bulbs and their service life is on average 25 times longer so you get a lot more use at a much cheaper cost.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Dishwashers and washing machines are 2 of the biggest energy consumers in the home. So when yours need replacing make sure that you buy energy efficient appliances. You can also save money by making sure that you fill these appliances up when you use them, this means that you don’t have to use them twice to wash the same amount of clothes / dishes.

Change Your Energy Provider

Using an online service like Uswitch, Comparethemarket or Moneysavingexpert you can easily compare energy tariffs.  Switching regularly to take advantage of the best deals available has been shown to reduce your monthly bills. Even though it takes some work from you the process is much simpler than it used to be.

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