Check you have a registered electrician

Recently Phil Buckle (Director General of Electrical Safety First) noted that whilst most of use use a registered electrician only one in five or 20% of us ask for proof from the trades person. He said

“It seems that British awkwardness  is a real barrier when it comes to checking that an electrician is safe to work on your home. But with more than half of all domestic fires in the UK arising from electricity – which also causes 350,000 serious accidents each year – ensuring your electrician is registered could end up saving your life.”

Registered Electrician

Forgetting to check that any electrician you employ is fully qualified can be a dangerous and expensive error. Anything can happen from dangerous electrical work to overcharging for work undertaken. Whilst hiring a registered electrician does not completely remove these dangers it does markedly reduce their likelihood.

Registered Electrician Schemes

Registered Electrician-1
Registered Electrician-2

How To Check Your Registered Electrician

When looking for a registered electrician there are a few things you can do to check them out:

  1. Check their details on the electrical competent person register (click here)
  2. Directly ask your electrician to see their registration documents. Its usually best ago ask before you agree to any work.

If the electrician you contact can’t show proof of their registration with an electrician registration scheme the we recommend that you don’t employ them to conduct any work. Proving proof of your registration is not an honours job so all reputable electricians should be happy to provide evidence.

Here at static electrical services all of the electrician we employ are NICEIC registered and electrical competent person registered. All of the work we do complies with part p electrical standards. If you need some electrical work doing and you are in Hertfordshire or the Greater London area then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Were always happy to provide free advice and we also provide full quotations on all jobs. Get in touch using our Contact Page.