• Repairing Your Electrical System After A Flood

Repairing Your Electrical System After A Flood

In this months blog post I’m going to point out a few things to consider when repairing your electrical system after a flood.

Unfortunately flooding is a regular issue in the UK during the winter and early spring. Home owners in flood affected area often have a mammoth task of removing wallpaper, plasterboard, fixtures and fittings and very often furniture. In addition to this the electrical circuits in homes are often damaged during floods so many home owners will have to remove electrical wiring, outlets and switches.

Electricity presents a danger in normal conditions but if you add water to the mix there is greater potential for danger so you should not undertake this as a DIY project.

Replacing Wiring, Sockets & Consumer Units

In some cases wires that have been exposed to water during the flooding of a home or building can be salvageable. However if you keep the old wiring you are at increased risk of corrosion or permanent failure.

Floods caused by rain tend to create less of a problem than sea water but rain from over flowing rivers and flooded plains collects chemicals and other hazardous liquids that can leave behind residues that are corrosive and consequently are a problem for your electrical system.

So in practical terms if your home has experienced a flood you should expect to replace all electrical equipment below the water line.

Electronics & Appliances

The are several things to do concerning your appliances:

  • Fridges and freezers exposed to water will have to be recycled because the water damages the internal insulation.
  • Ovens and ranges are usually salvageable but wet controls should be replaced. but you have then serviced.
  • Depending on the amount of water washer dryers can be kept but you should have and electrician check the electrical connections and replace them if they are wet.
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Qualified Electrician

Repairing an electrical system after a flood is a difficult and complex job so its not something we would recommend you do yourself. You should contact a registered electrician in your area. If you live in St Albans, Watford or Hertfordshire you can give us a call on 07963 560 776 or get in touch using our contact page here.

If you want more information about what to do if your home has flooded read this guide from the government