Smart Electricity Meters

Smart Electricity Meters

A smart meters records your house holds electricity usage (sometimes it also records Gas and Water usage swell). The meter then uses a 2 way radio signal to transmit this information to your utility company. This information give you and the untidily company an accurate record of how much electricity you are using and at what times.

There are over 15 million smart meters in the UK, but the government’s missed its target of converting all 50 million UK homes by 2020.


There are several benefits to a smart electricity meter:

  1. You can see when and where you are using electricity, which means that you can come up with ways to reduce your power consumption and reduce your monthly bills.
  2. Your utility company can see when and where you use electricity this means they can manage power generation more efficiently, generating just as much power as we need when we need it so we don’t burn fossil fuels for no reason.
  3. Because they no longer have to send out meter readers to your home every couple of months utility companies can reduce their business costs and consequently your bills should reduce as well.
  4. With faster feedback utility companies can monitor power outages and fix problems quicker.

Some consumers have expressed concerns about the data being collected and how this data will be used. There is also the prospect of increased costs for consumers because whilst new meters are currently free replacing your meter in the future may cost money.

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