Smart Homes

In the last 5 years a whole load of new smart home devices have come on the market. They do everything from thermostats, security systems, PA systems and much more. The majority of these devices are connected via the internet some are hard wired into control units. Both approaches have their advantages, in this months blog we have looked at a few of the major systems and what they offer.

Lutron Smart Home Systems

Lutron provide a range of smart home systems for homes and businesses. They provide  smart controls for lights, curtains & blinds, TV’s, security systems and other electrical equipment. Lutron provide integrated systems that are hard wired into your home. The advantage of this approach is it is more resilient and not reliant on wifi. This also means that your systems can’t be hacked unless some one physically enters your home.

Lutron put great emphasis on energy efficiency (if you want the read more about domestic energy efficiency read our blog). They offer the widest range of solutions from a single provider that we are aware of. If you want to learn more about their product range take a look at their website here.

Smart Thermostats

The Nest Thermostat E is widely heralded as the best smart thermostat available today. It connects to your homes heating system and allows you to change the settings from anywhere using the APP. It uses quite advanced machine learning to turn your heating off when no ones home so that you’re not paying to heat an empty home.

Home Security

NetGear Arlo Q is our favourite smart security camera. Its motion sensor is very reliable and starts recording wherever it sense movement. The Arlo Q is WIFI connected and you can access it from anywhere using the app.

Smart Locks

Theres a conundrum in regards to smart locks. Some people want to do away with the keys to altogether whilst other argue that smart locks should still have a key so that they can be unlocked if the power has gone out or there is a problem with the software.

Our favourite smart lock is another Nest product the X Yale Lock. Its keyless, and tamper proof and remotely accessible with the Nest App. However its not cheap at nearly £200.

Smart Home System Installers

Here at Static Electrical Services were have a wealth of experience in installing smart home systems. Get in touch using our contact page if you want a help with your smart home installation.