• Wiring Regulations Changes

Wiring Regulations Changes

New wiring regulations changes are coming into effect on the 1st of January 2019 (don’t worry we’re notting get ahead of ourselves). The new regulations will be issues to electricians in the UK on July 1st 2018 to give every one time to prepare for the changes. After the the 1st of Jan all new electrical installations will be required to conform to the new BS 7671:2018 standards.

Wiring Regulations Changes: Whats Coming

  • More information about where utility services entering a building need not be connected to the protective equipotential bonding
  • Additional requirements for AC final circuits
  • Device isolation and switching changes
  • New regulations relating to wiring systems in escape routes
  • Amendments to the regulations concerning overvoltage and the selection of surge protection devices
  • Potential changes on how an electrical installer can prevent the appearance of a dangerous touch voltage in the event of the loss of the main connection to earth
  • Changes relating to supplies for electric vehicles
  • Consideration of how design can affect the efficiency of electrical installations. The thoughts are that the optimum use of electrical energy can be assisted by appropriate design and installation practice

Public Comment

The time slot for public comment for BS 7671:2018 is now closed. The committee  is currently meeting to discuss the comments received and the final content of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations will be decided in the near future.

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What Does All This Mean

The UK’s wiring regulations are under constant review and qualified electrical installers are regularly tested in order to ensure that the work we do is safe. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring public safety.

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